Matt Olin, Genetically-Predisposed Copywriter.

Looks like it's my time to share.  A couple things about me:

  • I’m an identical twin.  So I’ve been practicing the art of differentiation since the womb.  I don’t like being confused with others;  I’m allergic to getting lost in the crowd.  Sound familiar?
  • I maintain a secret life as a theater producer.  In fact, I’ve spent the last two decades helping people tell their stories – writing them, perfecting  them, turning them into powerful works that compel audiences to buy (far-from-cheap) tickets in Times Square, throughout America, and around the world.

My approach to copywriting, communications and branding draws upon these two areas of expertise – Storytelling & Differentiation – to help entrepreneurs, aspiring business owners and existing companies craft their own story and harness its emotional power to attract a loyal following.

Whether it's a one-word banner ad, a 300-page catalog, or anything in between, I'll help you tell your unique story in a way that lifts you above the clamor of a crowded marketplace and gets you seen & heard.

I excel at developing external messaging that commands consumer attention, as well as internal messaging that motivates departments, fortifies teams and inspires constituencies.

If it involves words, I'm your guy.

So, say hello. Tell me about your company, your product, your Big Idea. I want to hear your story, and then share it with the world.